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    • Uses: Up To 25 Wears 
    • Material: 5D Mink
    • Effect: Fluttery,  Natural ,Short
    • Volume: Natural 
    • Shape: Almond 



    This stunning lash was part of our  natural wave lash book collection that launched over the summer . You guys loved this super natural lash so much that we decided to bring it back as a permanent lash .


    This lash is perfect for my girls who  have small eyes and dont like to wear too much volume ,this lash will give you a my lashes but better type of look . Its also perfect for my girls who wear glasses and have small eyes.


     This is our most natural lash in the entire collection .

    • How to apply

      - Remove the lash from the lash box very carefully 

      -Measure  the lash against your eyelid and whatever part of the lash does not allign with your eyelid you should cut off ( always cut towards the  end of the lash ).

      -Apply your favorite glue , let it dry until tacky ( you can grab the end and front of the lash and if they stick together then thats your sign that your lash is ready to be applied .

      -Grab the lash by the end and apply from the inner corner to the outer corner .

      -Use your Thumb and Index finger against the lash and pinch your natrual lashes with your false lashes .

      -Use your middle finger and push the lash up 

      Extra tips :

      - Use a lash curler and some mascara to bring lashes togther .

      - Make sure your fake lash alligns with your real lashes and lash line .

      - Always apply lashes on top of natural lash band not on  the skin so theres no gaps in between.


      - Sharmkup

    • Lash Care

      How to care for your lashes .

      -Take them off after every use ( Lift the end of the lash and slowly take it off )

      -Place them back in their box always ,so they dont lose their shape .

      -Use minimal to no mascara on the actual lash (if you do use a clean spoolie to clean it off.

      -Remove any old glue previosly used on the lash  carefully ( dont use a rough hand because you can cause the lash to break ).

    • Return Policy

      Here at Lashilah we pack every  order with extra care  love and detail and check every item before its mailled out .

      Due to the nature of the item, for sanitary purposes there are no refunds or exchanges.  In the unlikely event you receive a damaged item, we will gladly replace it within 30 days of the date of purchase.

      Example :( Broken Lash)

      If an item arrives damaged due to the journey  of (USPS) be sure to notify us right away upon reciving your item .

      Example:( Box is Smashed )


      We are not responsible for lost or stolen items marked as delivered ,if unfortunately this is your case you will have to file a claim with (USPS).






      For all other questions or inquires, please contact us at

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